Are You Considering Joint Replacement Surgery?

July 14, 2017
Joint Replacement Surgery

Having the support of an experienced medical team following best practices can make a significant difference when it comes to joint replacement surgery. At the Total Joint Center at Inland Valley Medical Center, care and treatment are based on processes that have been shown to support the best outcomes and patient experience. Here are some examples.

Setting clear expectations.

Knowing what to expect before surgery can help patients understand the goals, challenges and how to best prepare for them, explains Orthopedic/ Spine Program Manager Shaneen Netter, RN. Inland Valley works with orthopedic surgeons, as well as a multidisciplinary team, to ensure patients receive consistent communication about joint replacement from the moment they decide to have surgery.

Getting ready for success.

A pre-surgery class also helps patients prepare. The expected stay in the hospital is less than two days, and the goal is for patients to recover in their homes when they leave the hospital. Planning ahead to have extra support, as needed, can help ensure the optimal environment for recovery.

Getting your body ready for surgery.

Ensuring that patients are strong and healthy before surgery can help make recovery faster and easier. Patients are educated about preoperative exercises they can do at home as they prepare for joint replacement.

Rehabilitation after surgery.

Getting patients up on their feet and walking at the earliest opportunity, most often the day of surgery, has been shown to decrease the length of hospital stay and help speed recovery. Rehabilitation begins right away and includes group therapy, which can help patients motivate each other.

“We continuously evaluate and measure our performance to ensure the highest quality program possible,” says Netter. “Our goal is to educate our patients for surgery and help motivate recovery in order to get them back to the activities they enjoy.”

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