Back in Action With Her New Knee

August 22, 2018
Back in Action With Her New Knee

"I feel 10 years younger"

Nancy Ridenbaugh enjoys traveling and staying active, but in recent years, knee pain associated with osteoarthritis was holding her back.

She tried different ways to find relief, including injection treatments, but the problem persisted. She decided with her orthopedic surgeon, Steven Kelley, MD, that knee replacement in the Total Joint Center at Inland Valley Medical Center was the best option for her. "It was difficult just going to the grocery store and having to stand in line at the checkout," she recalls of the period leading up to her surgery. "There was even clothing I wasn't able to wear because my knee was so swollen," she says. "I've never been a sedentary person. That was very frustrating for me."

Once she made the decision to have joint replacement surgery, Dr. Kelley and the staff at Inland Valley worked to get the procedure scheduled as soon as possible. Ridenbaugh says she felt comfortable from the start about where she was going for surgery. “My husband used to volunteer at Inland Valley, and he always talked about the care and professionalism of the nurses and doctors,” she says.

In preparation, she learned about what to expect and made arrangements for her recovery, including getting a walker and planning meals ahead. She knew from her pre-op education that she would be up on her feet the day of the surgery and participate in therapy at the hospital. Dr. Kelley explains that getting patients moving right away is considered a “best practice” and has been shown to support the best possible outcomes.

During her stay at Inland Valley, Ridenbaugh says everybody was compassionate and made her feel like she was their “number one patient.” Doctors helped her effectively manage her pain so that she was able to maximize her time in therapy. “It was a wonderful experience,” she says.

Since her surgery, she’s continued to progress and has been attending outpatient rehab twice a week, which helps keep her on track. Today, she can walk without pain or a limp, and she can do everyday tasks like shopping or going to the gym without any worries.

“I never thought I would be having a knee replacement,” says Ridenbaugh, 54, “but I’m happy I did it. I had a very good experience, not only because of Dr. Kelley, but also because of Inland Valley and the level of care provided. I could not have picked a better hospital.”

We've been recognized!

Inland Valley Medical Center has earned Advanced Certification from The Joint Commission for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement. This recognition lets people know that the Total Joint Center has “all the things you’d expect from a center of excellence,” says Dr. Kelley.

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