“This Was the Best Childbirth Experience I Ever Had”

December 16, 2016
Health News Summer 2016 Story 2 Image

At 41 years of age, April Marquez was considered a high-risk patient because her first child was born via Cesarean section. She hoped to deliver her third baby vaginally like she did her second, and chose The Childbirth Center at Rancho Springs Medical Center for its experience with VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean) deliveries.

April went into labor on October 20, 2015, at 7 p.m. OB/GYN Martina Chiodi, MD, and the staff at The Childbirth Center greeted her and her husband Abraham when they arrived. Labor progressed throughout the night and by morning April was ready to “push.” However, the baby was still too high. Dr. Chiodi determined that scar tissue from April’s first Cesarean had hardened, preventing contractions. She decided a Cesarean birth was the safest option.

“I wasn’t disappointed. I’m thankful my doctor did what was best for my well-being and for my baby,” says April, who was able to relax in a private, spacious delivery suite and later in a private postpartum room. “The staff went above and beyond, and did whatever they could to make me comfortable. Everyone checked on me frequently – from the nurses and doctors to the anesthesiologist.”

Happy and healthy, baby Izabella Victoria Marquez is now enjoying lots of attention from her two sisters and the rest of the family at her home in Wildomar. April tells all her friends how amazing her delivery was at Rancho Springs. “It was the best birth experience I ever had,” she says. “Even though the staff has lots of patients to care for, they make you feel like you’re the only one.”